About GeneCraft

GeneCraft is a pre-clinical-stage biotech company
dedicated to improving treatment and clinical
outcomes for patients through gene therapy that
harness the innate oncogene defense system.

“Life is a phenomenon of gene expression, and its imbalance causes most of the diseases we know. The most effective tool to correct this imbalance is inevitably ‘gene’. Therefore, gene therapy technology is axiomatically the most effective treatment strategy that can fundamentally treat many diseases that were incurable in the past. We earnestly wish that the gene therapy technology we pursue will let us overcome life-threatening diseases in the near future.”

 Prof. Suk Chul Bae, CEO of GeneCraft 

Suk Chul Bae
Chief Executive Officer/Professor

You Soub Lee 
Chief Scientific

Woo jin Kim 
Chief Strategic
Officer/M.D., DDM, PA

Kyoung mi Jung 
Clinical Research